Details of Sales

To Make the Details of the Sale Easy & Comfortable

A Typical Deal:

  1. We make an offer not only to buy the boat, but we use to it to keep other people from buying the boat until we determine we want it! Contrary to popular belief, late model, clean boats that are priced right are hard to find.
  2. Once you decide on the boat you want and what you want to offer, we make the offer to the Owner.
    Once the offer is accepted and before the survey you will wire the deposit  (Sometimes it must be done at the time we make the offer ). This enables us  to return your money right away if the deal doesn’t work out.
  3. We tentatively arrange a surveyor.
  4. Example: Lou Stahlberg charges $17.00 per foot 42 foot boat =$ 714.00
  5. Haul-out at South Texas Yacht Service $ 4.00 per foot 42 foot boat = $168.00
  6. If it needs a pressure wash $ 2.00 per foot 42 foot boat = $84.00
  7. We negotiate final deal.
  8. We do the survey: it starts early in the morning and then about 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. the boat is hauled out of the water.  The haul out will take about an hour.
  9. The boat is then re-launched and the sea trial portion of the survey is done. You will go sailing. Normally you hire a captain. (I can help you with that).
  10. The sail usually lasts about an   The purpose is to put up sails, check the engine and generator underway and to let you see how the boat handles.
  11. Upon returning to the dock, the surveyor will finish checking everything else out.
  12. The survey takes a full day. When it is finished, you will know whether or not you want the boat.
  13. The boat is used, so normally there will be some things to be corrected or fixed, such as replacing light bulbs, fixing a bilge pump etc. If the survey shows a major repair that needs to be done, then depending on the price of the boat we can renegotiate. (If you have already gotten the seller to the lowest price he can go, effectively to the “last nickel, then we are at the “ last nickel and there won’t be any more room to negotiate).
  14. Then we close.

LYS’s In House Closing Agent is a person I have known and worked with for 20+ years: Greg Alison 832-746-5702.


(in no certain order)

Local Insurance 


Greg Allison  832 746-5702


Carol Mathews Vessel Documentation
Greg Allison  832 746-5702

Local Marinas


Private Yacht Clubs (membership required)




Diesel Fuel Cleaning (Fuel Polishing)

Diesel Fuel Maintenance, Inc.
1607 W. Main • La Porte, TX 77571
281-842-8015 • Fax: 281-842-8025
Toll Free: 1-888-812-6647


  • It is never too early to start thinking about your boat’s name.   It can be a more difficult task than many people imagine.
  • Move money around, if necessary, for the funds needed at closing.  A cashier’s check or wire transfer will be required.  If these funds are in a brokerage account or out-of-town bank, it can take a few days to wind up with good funds in your local account.
  • Check into insurance.  While generally not a lengthy process, it pays to have at least made contact with an agent or two to obtain quotes and to know what else the agent will need from you to be able to bind the insurance for closing.