To Make the Details of the Sale easy and comfortable:

To Make the Details of the Sale easy and comfortable:


A typical Deal


First we make the offer with a copy of a check for the deposit. (we use this copy to present the offer, but don’t use it for funds. ) Once the offer is accepted and before the survey you will wire  the deposit. This enables us to return you money right away if the boat t doesn’t work out . 

We tentatively arrange a surveyor.

Example: Lou Stahlberg charges $13.00 per foot   42 foot boat =$ 546.00

Haul-out at South Texas Yacht Service $ 3.00 per foot 42 foot boat = $126.00

If it needs a pressure wash $3.00 per foot   42 foot boat = $126.00

Negotiate final deal

We do survey:  Start early in the morning then about 10:00 or 11:00 haul-out the boat , takes about an hour.

Put the boat in the water….. go sailing  normally you hire a captain ( I can help with that )

Sail for about an hour to put up sails, check the engine and generator underway.

Return to the Dock to check everything else out.

This takes a full day and by the end you will know whether you want the boat.

Normally there will things wrong, light bulbs. A bilge pump etc , but  if it something big then depending on the price of the boat ( but If we got the last nickel, we got the last nickel there is no more )  we can renegotiate .

 Then we close.


LYS’s   in House  Closing  Agent is a person I have know and worked with  20+ years ,  Greg Alison 832-746-5702    Also see more info below regarding fees and closing costs. 


Surveyors (in no certain order)

1.   Louis Stahlberg LHS Marine Services  Cell  281-639-3014  office 281 332-7306

2.   Roy Newberry of Newberry and Associates 281 470-7577

3.  Mike Firestone of Firestone Surveying 361 749-7767 

4.   Dixieland Marine 713-419-8855

5.   Paul Fannin  or 281-382-5144

6.  Roy Summers Summers and Associates 281 334-6844

7.  Drake Epple Perry’s Marine Surveying 281 474-5273


Local Insurance 

Garrett Heck   or 281-333-3100

Dennis Onstott or 281-326-2622   

Scott Chauvin Allstate  or 281-333-4148 



Local Marinas

CLEAR LAKE   floating and non floating slips Where our office is , All floating  the nicest and next door to Watergate- (all floating, close to the bridge) (floating and non floating close to the bridge) (all floating but way up the lake) (all floating and the only marina the other side of the bridge on the bay)   (all floating and cheaper but not as well maintained and shallow )  (a condo complex with slips, inexpensive but none floating)  (up near the Baytown Bridge-all floating)


Private Yacht Clubs (membership required)  (On Clear Lake) (up on the Bay north of Clear Lake 2 Minutes and your sailing , Mostly Floating docks )



City Harbor in Galveston is pretty run down and has had no slips for some time   (AKA know as Bob Smith Yacht Club/Basin-slips are rare)  (Harborwalk Marina west of Tiki Island on the ICW-all Floating




As your transaction progresses, Rick Duryea, our closing coordinator, will keep in touch with you and as I to ensure that all parties are prepared to close at the chosen time. 


Rick has 28+ years’ experience in closing boat transaction, arranging financing and filing Coast Guard documentation and state titles.  Having done thousands of transactions in his career, he understands what information must be collected and verified prior to closing to ensure good title and timely consummation of the deal.


This expertise is valuable irrespective of how you are paying for your boat.  Whether you are paying cash, financing through Sea Lake or obtaining financing from your own source, Rick will guide you to the conclusion of your transaction.


                                                     HELPFUL HINTS


It is never too early to start thinking about your boat’s name.   It can be a more difficult task than many people imagine.


Move money around, if necessary, for the funds needed at closing.  A cashier’s check or wire transfer will be required.  If these funds are in a brokerage account or out-of-town bank, it can take a few days to wind up with good funds in your local account.


Check into insurance.  While generally not a lengthy process, it pays to have at least made contact with an agent or two to obtain quotes and to know what else the agent will need from you to be able to bind the insurance for closing.






‰      USCG Ownership Transfer (Cash Purchase) – $525

Service includes Abstract of Title, Bill of Sale, Lien Release, Application, Running Letter, Power of Attorney, Warranty of Title


‰      USCG Ownership Transfer w/Preferred Mortgage – $600

Service includes same as above with our standard 3-Page Preferred Mortgage


‰      Texas Registration Transfer and Processing with USCG transfer – $150 plus TPWD Fees

Service includes prep and processing of all required TPWD docs for Texas Registration


‰      Recreational Boats Preferred Mortgage Only (refinance) – $295

Includes Preferred Mortgage, Satisfaction of Existing Mortgage, and Abstract of Title


‰      Abstract of Title Only – $45


‰      Each Additional Bill of Sale – $25


‰      Trade Boat Consideration: Abstract of Title, Bill of Sale and/or Satisfaction of Mortgage – $125


‰      Deletion from Documentation – $225


‰      Texas Title Service with Deletion – $295


‰      Dinghy/Outboard Title Transfer – $345


‰      Trailer Application Prep Only (we do not process trailer transfers) – $35


‰      Fed Ex Overnight Priority Service (Payoffs to Lien Holders) – $45


‰      Waivers and/or Lien Holder Consent $50


‰      Rush Processing / Going Foreign – $75


‰      Bill of Sale prep and filing – $25


‰      Deletion of Foreign Vessel – Price Upon Request



Carol Matthews’ Vessel Documentation is a documentation service provider. We are not a Title Company, an Attorney, or Escrow Agent. We are here to assist with all aspects of a Vessel Ownership Transfer, and will exercise due diligence in all aspects of each transaction. We are dependent on each source for accurate information, including but not limited to the Broker’s Purchase Agreement, Marine Survey, current USCG Abstract of Title, Certificate of Documentation and/or copy of State Title(s).


Please note – All boat sales are NOT created equal. Whenever a “special” circumstance presents itself, additional fees may apply, and additional processing time may be required. Example: A Divorced Seller with an unwilling Ex-Spouse.


**A standard transaction on a used vessel typically takes 3 – 5 working days, depending on the availability of all required information. If the Vessel is a New Build, the turnaround time is typically less, again depending on the availability of all required information.


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