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Josh Johnson
We are located on Pier 6/7 in the Waterford Harbor Marina in Kemah and we are just minutes from the Kemah Bridge. Please call me to set up an appointment so that I can give you my undivided attention when you come in. I have sold and sailed over 250 types of sail and power boats. This gives me a practical perspective that I would love to share with you.

I have been sailing for over 50 years since I first began in Sea Scouts. Over the years, I have taught sailing and have raced and cruised extensively. I have been selling power and sailboats since 1977 in the Bay Area and I am familiar with almost all of the boats around here. I have had many repeat customers and I believe in giving thorough personal service. My job is to find the right boat for you, help you equip it for your needs and make sure that you are satisfied. I can help you through all the steps in getting the boat you want from deciding which boat is right for you, to equipping it and even finding financing if you need it. Making sure you are happy with your purchase is what has led me to have so many repeat customers and customer referrals.

Please call me today (281) 734-7703 to set up an appointment. We can find the right boat for you and equip it with the right gear for you, all at a reasonable price.


Recent Sales

2008 Hunter 41 DS, 1986 Grand Banks 32, 2004, True North 33 Downeaster Express, 1994 Hunter 33.5, 1992 Catalina 42, 2001 Catalina 380, 2002 Beneteau 361, 1994 Catalina 320, 2001 Catalina 34, 2009 Beneteau 31 , Pacific Seacraft 31 2010, 2006 Catalina 320, 2008 Beneteau 49, 1992Hunter 27, 1994 Beneteau 300, 1991 Catalina/Morgan Classic 41, 2011 Catalina 42 , Morgan 41 1988, Listing Sold Beneteau 9.8 2004, Beneteau 323 2005 , Sold Catalina 350 2002, Cape Dory 27, a 260 Shamrock , Sold Beneteau 281, Sold Beneteau 321, Prout 37, Sold New 2012 Catalina 455, Sold Beneteau 375, Sold Listing 36S7, Sold Listing 1996 Catalina 320, Sold listing 1988 ComPac 27, Sold 36 Albin Express Trawler, Sold Catalina 470 2004 , Sold O’Day 28 1984, Sold 1989 Endeavour 38 center cockpit, I Sold my listing Pearson 365.

Featured Listings

2012 Catalina 445

1996 Island Packet 37

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My Clients Say it Best…

Just wanted to let you know that my experience with Little Yacht Sales was a good one. I found Josh to be excellent an salesman. He advised me as to what was needed to sell my boat, and what should be expected in the sales process. He worked very hard. My expectations have been exceeded.

Thank you,
Don Griffin

I wanted to reach out to you and recognize Josh Johnson for making my last boat purchase such a pleasure. He helped explain the process to my wife and answer her many questions. He has made himself available and has been prompt in get