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I’m writing this email to pass along how impressed I was with Josh Johnson who I recently worked with as my broker. I traveled from Fort Myers to your area to replace a boat I lost in hurricane Ian. At that time, I put a deposit on a Catalina 355 that Josh had listed. From the get go, I found Josh to be very easy to deal with. Not only was he knowledgeable about the boat but more importantly, he was organized, always took my calls and answered my emails promptly. While being very professional in acting as a broker, Josh had a nice, disarming way of interacting with me. I imagine he’s the same with others. As you probably know, buying a boat can at times be stressful and complicated. Josh helped minimize all that. In addition, after returning to the dock after the survey, he arrived with lunch for everyone on the boat. Wow, talk about going the extra mile!

It turned out that I didn’t accept the vessel which had very little to do with the vessel itself. I just found it too small for my charter business. During my time with Josh, I also had some interaction with your staff (Liz and Jordan) who I found to be very cordial and helpful.

I was CEO of a family manufacturing business for many years. If there was one thing I would often say to my staff it was “make it easy and fun for our customers to do business with us.” Seems like you have been saying the same thing. Please feel free to share this with Josh and post it on your website. Wishing you and the company well in the future.