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I met Josh eight years ago when my wife and I were searching for a boat. During that process he was more than helpful, and we purchased what was likely to be our last boat. Over the years he has kept in touch about the boat, how it weathered the hurricane and such.

Over the past three years my health has headed the wrong way – not what I had planned for retirement. The past year has been a particular challenge, and the decision was made to sell the boat. Unfortunately, I’m not able to travel now, and when I contacted Josh he was more than willing to take care of any repairs and make ready for sale. It turned out there were several things that needed to be repaired, and he coordinated the work using several contractors. It was all done with first rate services and at reasonable prices.

Through all, Josh was personally very supportive. Selling the boat was not an easy decision to make. I am very appreciative of Josh’s extra efforts in this.